International Museum Day — Activities

affiche500x750_ru_likmLectures, exhibitions, excursions

On May, 18th, 2012 the Lytkarinsky historical museum suggests to visit:

— In the morning, lecture for schoolboys, students and adult people on a theme «Museum. In the changing world …» on which with use of multimedia means and communication technologies will tell about a museum as a whole, about work of the Lytkarinsky historical museum, about innovations in work of museums of Russia and new innovative approaches in museums of the world.

— During the day, an exhibition «Magic thread» on which it is possible to learn about occurrence of a thread, ancient craft — weaving. Distaffs are presented to expositions, to a fabric, homespun clothes and the exhibits weaved by hands of employees of a museum on the ancient weaving loom, stored in the Lytkarinsky museum.

— During the day, an exhibition «That learnt children in Russia» it will allow to be transferred on 150 years ago and to appear in the conditions of rural school of the middle of a XIX-th century, will acquaint with history of formation in Russia, will tell about the first schools in our corner of the world.

— In the evening, excursion «Alexander Tchernyshev and the don Cossacks» which will acquaint visitors with the bright historic figure — the person who was at the beginnings of Russian military intelligence service, the hero of Patriotic war of 1812.

Free admission in showrooms, free visiting of multimedia lectures, free visiting of excursion.

IMD 2012

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